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March 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Journal Entry:  Thursday, March 12th, 2014 #footprints

Here I sit.

For some it’s a typical Thursday evening.  I can imagine that some people are curled up in front of the TV enjoying a late night snack soaking up some Real House Wives of Orange County drama.  I know I was until about an hour ago.  Not sure what it is about RHofOC, but I love that show.  It is crazy addictive.

Well, though I did indulge a few hours of reality TV, for me this is not a typical Thursday evening.  Tonight is a very big night for me.  Tonight, is the eve before my new beginning. It is the Sunset to Chapter 2 in my life book.  Tonight I revel in the pleasure of knowing that in 24 hours I will have faced one of my biggest fears.  People will be able to call me Captain Did-It-Any-Way.  Because despite the nerves and the impostor in my head that keeps speaking words of doubt I am going to listen to my first mind.  The mind that tells me I GOT this.  The mind that has been obsessed with entrepreneurship and financial freedom for over 20 years.  The mind that has dreamed of business ownership, no financial worries and quality time with family.  Tonight I am mentally preparing to step out of dreamland and into the reality of being a full-time entrepreneur.

After I got home from work, this evening an odd sense of calm that I can’t accurately articulate came over me.  The only way I can describe the feeling is readiness.  I felt a sense of readiness with regard to the serious nature of the decision I’ve made, the finality of the actions I’m taking tomorrow and the supreme fortitude that will be required of me over the upcoming years.  There are definitely parts of me that are scared and unsure about what the upcoming months will entail, but a larger part of me is saying it is time.

So here I am poised to step out on faith.


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