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December 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

Negative thoughts are a disease.  I never understood this until I actually left my day job and stepped out on my own, but now I vividly grasp how critical it is to not only think positive, but to guard your thoughts.

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Watch Out for These Signs

The thing about negative thoughts is that they snowball.  It starts with something simple like perhaps you’re complaining to yourself about how tired you are of cleaning up after your significant other. That turns into you complaining about an annoying habit they have.  The next thing you know everything they do is annoying to you and you’re ready to walk away from the situation.

Your negative thoughts consumed your mind and your mind reimaged your significant other.  Watch this, the thing you wanted the least is what you focused on the most and BOOM it became your reality.

Scary isn’t it? Upon reflection it’s down right freaky how quickly negative thoughts can wreak havoc and how far reaching the damage can be.

Overcoming Negativity

Not too long ago I found myself in a situation where my negative thoughts we’re consuming me.  From the outside looking in not many except close friends would have known.  But I knew and I could feel it holding me back.  My confidence was shaky, my energy low, my desire to engage with others was uncharacteristically low and I was constantly nitpicking at the strangest things.

Some how between cable news, the pressures of entrepreneurship and some personal challenges I had slipped down the dangerous slope of negative thinking.

Unsure what to do I reached out to my older brother for help.  Any time you are stuck in life reach out to someone you trust for help ASAP. Do not delay! And if you trust no one seek out a professional from the area in which you need help.

I’m so thankful I reached out to my big brother because he turned me on to a powerful solution.  A solution that helped him crawl out of a dark hole after tragedy unexpectedly hit our family. And just like it helped my brother -friends this resource has been making a profound difference in my life. If you’ve ever faced depression, melancholy, moodiness or any other battle with negative energy. This solution is worth exploring.

Come back next week and we’ll talk about the solution.



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