Inspirational Words: Kevin Hart S43 Portrait

August 20, 2013 — Leave a comment


I was invited to be a guest blogger at an event in NYC next month.  Since I’ve accepted the invitation and I’ll be covering the event I think it’s only right that I show love and support the event.  Accordingly, I’ll be sending out information to members of the #4cHairChick community and talking it up as appropriate.

I share this with you because it’s applicable to my main purpose for today’s post.  I have learned that when you want to be good at something – you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by finding someone who has had success at whatever it is that you want to do.  Once you identify that person it’s on you to be bold and to ask for the help you need. Don’t let pride or fear of rejection hinder you.

Success doesn’t happen alone. We all need help.

Right now it’s important to me that I become a better promoter.  As the manager of an online community I work with a number of different brands, people, and organizations.  I am very picky about what I support, but when I do support something I want to make sure that I deliver on my end of the bargain.

I recognize that brands and organizations want to work with me so that they can have exposure to my audience.  I also recognize though that my community trusts me and that I need to make sure that anything I pass along is in the best interest of my community.  So right now what I’m looking to become better at is how I promote and share information that is beneficial to my audience – with my audience.

Kenny Burns is one of the most successful promoters I’ve come across. The manner in which I originally found him escapes me right now, but what I do know is Kenny knows how to get the right people together at the right time and at the right place.

This evening I decided to stock his Twitter so I could gleam a better understanding of his communication style.  On a mission to pick up best practices and strategic insights I scrolled to the top of his Twitter feed and began reading.

“s43 Portrait: Kevin Hart (Part 2 of 2) …via @Studio43” the tweet read.

I clicked the link and ended up finding the intimate interview below featuring guest Kevin Hart and Kenny Burns as the interviewer.  Really good stuff. Especially around the 8 minute marker because Kevin starts dropping diamond nuggets one right after another.

Inspiration is fuel for entrepreneurs and I’m officially gas’ed up and sparked by Kevin’s comments and so I wanted to take the time and share.  Hopefully, you’ll be energized by a boost of positivity.


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