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June 1, 2013 — 4 Comments

Starting a blog is easy. You don’t need a special skill set, you don’t need thousands of dollars, and you don’t need to have a degree in computer science.  The only skill you need to have is the ability to follow step-by-step directions.

In this post I lay out for you in 5 simple steps How to Start A Blog.


Step #1 Pick A Name

What do you want to call your blog? As you are deciding what to name your blog keep these tips in mind:

    1. Pick a name that is easy for someone to remember.  If you want and it’s already taken don’t go with because chances are most people will forget the 1 and never find your blog. Instead try or an alternate name that is memorable.
    2. Pick a name that will give people clues as to what your blog is about.  If you are going to blog about natural hair try and pick a name that has a natural hair theme. For example or  If you pick the name for your natural hair blog people might not visit the page unless they already know you because from the name it’s hard to know the blog is about natural hair.
    3. Lastly, keep it short.  Your blog name shouldn’t be a full sentence it should be 4 words at the most but preferrably 1-2  words.  This is important because if your blog ends up being super popular and you decide you want to turn it into a business it’s going be hard to put 7 words on a logo.  Most brand names are three words or less.


Step #2 Purchase Your Name

Yea! You’ve decided on the perfect name for your blog and now the next step is to purchase a domain name for your blog.  What is a domain name? Think of it as an address.  It is the place people can go on the internet to find you and it is also commonly referred to as your URL. is an example of a domain name.  Yours will be www.<insertyourblognamehere>.com or www.<insertyourblognamehere>.org depends on which ending you prefer .com or .org.

Unfortunately, domain names are not free, but the good news is they are affordable.  There are tons of places you can go to purchase a domain and prices range from $0.99 – $30.00 for a domain name.  The more expensive places will try and sell you on the quality of their security options and their hosting services in order to get you to buy from them.  Please don’t be fooled.  Take it from me, someone who has tried over six different companies. You don’t need to break the bank when you purchase your domain name.  Don’t pay more than $20 and don’t pay less than $3.

Personally, I recommend I used to purchase my domains via GoDaddy, but I had three frustrating customers service incidents with them that caused me to cut them off for good.  I’ve now been buying my domains from NameCheap for the past 8 months and I’ve had zero problems.  They are cheap, reliable, and responsive.

Time to buy your name!

Go to

Name Cheap Website

In case you are a visual person here is a video that walks you through how to purchase your domain on

Step #3 Power Up Your Blog

Volia magic! Round of applause to you. You now officially own your own URL.  You now need to turn your domain name on.  To do that you have to get your domain name hosted meaning you need to get it connected to a server.  In order to do that you need to purchase hosting service.  (Warning – this part can feel overwhelming because it’s a bit techie, but I promise you it is no where near as complicated as it sounds. You’ll finish this in 10 minutes tops.)

Hostgator is my hosting service of choice. Why? Three reasons:

    1. Their customer service is amazeballs! I’ve literally had an online customers service rep walk me through a troubleshooting issue at 2:00am in the morning via their online chat service.
    2. Hostgator is reliable. Have you ever been on twitter and got the Fail Whale? That happened because Twitter’s servers had too much traffic and so their website went down. In my 3 plus years of using Hostgator my website has never gone down and since Hostgator‘s inception in 2002 they’ve had a 99% uprate. Basically, what I’m telling you is you don’t have to worry about your website going offline or being unacessable if you choose Hostgator as your hosting service.
    3. I’m more shy to share this reason, but I want to keep it 100 with everyone.  Hostgator does not shut you off if you are behind on a payment.  Now if you are excessively late that is different, but I was about 2 and 1/2 weeks late on my monthly payment one time and thankfully they did not shut my website down.

Time to set up this hosting. Go to and purchase the “baby” web hosting package.  Not sure how to do this? Watch the video below to see the steps.

Yea, you officially have your web hosting. Now this next step is where things can get tricky, but stick with me I’m going to break it all the way down for you.


Step #4 Name Server Set-up

Now that you have purchased web hosting it means that you are leasing server space from Host Gator.  You now need to tell your domain company the name of the servers you are leasing.  When NameCheap knows the name of the servers your leasing from Host Gator your website URL will be LIVE!

Here is another short video to show you the process:


Step #5 Beautification

You now have a website name, you own the domain for that website, and you have web hosting. Woot woot!  Now all you need to do is set up the WordPress blogging platform and you’ll officially have your very own blog!

How about that a new website in under 10 steps?! Not bad at all.

Ok here is what you need to do.

  • Go back to the email you got from HostGator.
  • Inside is a link to your Cpanel. Click the link.
  • You’ll now be looking a screen similar to this:


Watch the video below to see the steps to install and set-up the wordpress platform.

You have a new website! Congrats to you.  If you need one on one help I’m happy to oblige just email me

Please, love and God’s grace,

4c Hair Chick


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4 responses to How to Start A Blog

  1. Thanks so much for this ! I have always wanted a blog and the “setup” process has been the main reason I never moved it forward. I was going to go all out on a birthday party for myself in July, but now I will treat myself to a blog that will allow my true passions to be developed! thanks for info sharing and for the love you spread to us all! 🙂

    • Internet Chick June 6, 2013 at 5:30 am

      Yea! That’s awesome. I’m really excited for you. Blogging for me is a thrill. I have a lot of fun doing it and I always encourage other people to try. When I started out I paid someone WAY to much to get my blog set-up. I ended up having to teach myself how to set up a blog:) Go the DIY route now that you have the steps it will be very straight forward. Thanks for your comment happy blogging!

  2. Awesome stuff chica! You’re amazeballs. I picked up a few tips today, thanks 🙂

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